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The Ugly Dichotomy Of The Coronavirus Coalition

The picture again tells a thousand words. Fighting the Covid-19 virus is relatively easy for a small Island nation miles from anywhere when they close the borders and crudely shove residents deemed “non-essential” into a one month home-detention. More so for a place that never had massive outbreaks anyway.  Our Pacific neighbours for example can be "Covid free" relatively easily.  But at what cost? Those powers that be are soon to find out everyone in a workforce is “essential” to it. New Zealand is NOT America, it is not the UK.  The borders are very basic to protect.  The NZ economy to the rest of the world does not matter one bit. The next bit is the problem. If the American economy fails it would create a global panic given America is THE epicentre of the global economy with nearly all trade and financial transactions done in USD. New Zealand would take a bath from that. Which is why America cannot afford to experiment with what New Zealand

QATAR - The Best Airline In The World 2020 Already

Forget the awards won by Air New Zealand for best airline etc.....  In a crisis they need government bailouts then still park out most of their fleet. When Covid-19 has been and gone this is the airline that actually is getting (white) people home and doing it all over the world.  Their coverage has been superb. I flew them for a first time last year and they were nothing short of superb.  I suspect I will be travelling with them again in 2020. Of course Daddy cannot give Mummy and the two bedroom-trophies a hug as he will be in Western quarantine hell for 2 weeks but the rest of the advertisement is not misleading at all.

The Nanny State Vet Wants You To Not Walk Your Dog

Apparently dogs are now being walked too much and crapping everywhere. Good heavens where do we start.  But NO. Christine Hahn, of VetENT in Washdyke, has noticed more dog poo on footpaths and is treating more over-exercising injuries since New Zealand went into Covid-19 alert level four on March 25 - and believes pet owners new to dog walking are to blame. Well first up - clean up your dog poo.  One wishes owners were forced to pick up poo all day with their mouth if they are caught not cleaning up after their dog so let us solve that easily.  Next up.  Angela has a Rottweiler.  I was going to write a very long post that would venture into another TL;DR. All I can say is a picture tells a thousand words. There is no way in sweet hell that this dog has been over-walked. I would put the fucker on F45 Doggie HIIT training as well as cardio of at least an hour in a large paddock. Angus is given medication to treat anxiety and she puts a muzzle on her dog to disc