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NYC Modellers Have A Bad Case of NFI

If trillions of dollars and lives were on the line and you were this tits at your job, what would you expect to happen? NFI - no fucking idea. Enough item is passing now for the day of reckoning for those paid to get this stuff right.   Our lives are being decided right now by a bunch of clowns with NFI advising politicians who we all know have massive bouts of NFI. Stop holding these people up as experts and start asking just what the hell we are doing shutting down the world and its economies for?

The Ashley Bloomfield Fan-Twitter Derangement Syndrome

Can I start by reminding you that The Guardian has an Australian and NZ issue.   Getting in The Guardian doesn't get you in the real one in the UK. Eleanor Ainge Roy contributes to The Guardian, but is some Labour luvvie sitting in Dunedin writing fan-girl Jacinda Ardern copy.  She is in the "Jacinda bubble" drinking the Kool aid in almost the same way FCB and Topham Guerin are alleged to be. Make no mistake and a month in it is quite obvious.  The "experts" our politicians worldwide are listening to have NFI - no fucking idea about Coronavirus.  Around the world it is clear to anyone with critical thinking  processes there are no real experts in this at all.   If the legal or banking profession for example showed such incompetence there would be calls for imprisonment.  After the GFC there were!  So why are we letting all in sundry get away with their incompetence here? By the end of the year the head of WHO Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus will be up wi