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If Google and Apple Partnered In The 1980's - Lord Help The Gays

Back in the 1980's all hell broke loose around a virus we had never heard of - HIV.  People did not understand it, they were terrified by it, they thought merely standing next to someone or holding their hand was going to give this horrible incurable thing to you. It demonised gay people and created lasting divides and prejudices all over the world.   HIV was and is a pandemic as well. Fast forward to 2020 and there are still more than 770,000 deaths worldwide per year due to HIV complications and a vaccine is far from perfect.   It has claimed over 38 million lives.  This is far more than Covid-19 has been responsible for and will be due to the completely hysterical modelling done by people with NFI - no fucking idea. Imagine Margaret Thatcher shutting the UK down and telling everyone to go inside as they might catch HIV? Or Ronald Reagan? The Cold War wouldn't have been won of course, Gorbachev would have been too busy stitched over laughing to fear the mig