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By Definition On April 23 New Zealand Should Be At Level 1 Alert

The Coronavirus Coalition has employed a workforce of Comms experts producing all manner of material online that we all know they have made up as they go along. The problem with the colouring-in departments who produce such pretty works of art, is that they never suspect people may actually drill down and read the coloured chart in and start asking difficult questions. The main resource is a website  Lord know how much cash has been burned producing something that civil servants should have been able to put together but some consultancy and marketing advisories friendly to the Coronavirus Coalition will be creaming it. On the website there are alert level definitions.  I am just putting it out there that based on this material as read, there is absolutely no reason why on April 23rd New Zealand should be at a level 3 or even a level 2. While the range of measures may be updated based on the fine print here, the risk assessment does not. The country

The Indignity Of Mortgaging Your House To Pay For Your Business!!!

This sort of whinging needs to stop immediately. I should bloody hope they are.  The Government is throwing billions at the economy to keep it afloat, with policies including a mortgage repayment holiday, a wage subsidy scheme and a finance guarantee scheme offering businesses loans of up to half a million dollars. But a business owner has told Newshub banks are acting like 'wolves in sheep's clothing' when administering those loans - with one even asking business owners to put their own homes on the line. What is wrong with this?  Owners of businesses have limited liability, they can walk away anytime they get in trouble and not pay their debts.  Their personal wealth can remain untouched, their house, their car etc unless security is on it. "Government backed lending" is essentially in this context a very nice version of Instant Finance.  They are helping out in an indirect fashion as locking the country down and closing the borders put the free

Rigged Research - False Flag Operations For The Coronavirus Coalition

Astute persons may have picked up this "news" story online currently. It is direct from the Coalition government  media enablers Radio New Zealand and screams clickbait. Really?   Research New Zealand has been taking the pulse of the nation since the lockdown began. Tell me this is not a false flag operation.  Please. Who is paying them to do this?  Or are they conducting a totally non-essential service at a time they should not be?  What was the sample size?  And from what region? At what time of the day? Kalafatelis said people were asked if they would be willing to remain in lockdown for at least another two weeks beyond 22 April when it is due to finish. Sixty percent agreed they would, 14 percent disagreed, and 26 percent didn't know. He said 60 percent showed a high level of support. 26 percent did not know?  You have been sitting on your collective asses now for two weeks or working as an "essential worker" slaving your guts out and