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This Is Why You Don't Take Paycuts - Mediaworks

I like Paul Henry.  Really I do. But could there be a worse time for Mediaworks to bring him back?  I wrote advising against taking paycuts from corporates over Easter.  Henry alleged 87% of Mediaworks staff have.  That means 13% are smart.   If the business really is struggling that much it will not be around in three or six months anyway.  If he or she is genuinely a top guy or girl you have known for years then fine, but other than that it is basic Stockholm Syndrome keeping people around.  You are a servant and he or she is the master, you have no equity in that business in the good times why are you having to take the downside risk in the bad?  I thought he was on a retainer but when asked about his pay Controversial television presenter Paul Henry says he has charged a fraction of what he usually would to bring Kiwis a programme about what life will be like after the coronavirus lockdown. Considering he has not worked in years and has lived in Palm Springs doi