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How NZ Can Steal The Cricket T20 World Cup From Australia

If The Coronavirus Coalition has a plan to eradicate Covid-19 and shut the borders for an indefinite period of time then we need to put this to good use. Australia does not have an eradication plan, IMHO because they are not that daft.  They have spent no time at level 4 lockdown.  There are already strong murmurings that the T20 Cricket World Cup is in doubt despite their statistics being similar per capita as New Zealand. The T20 Cricket World Cup is due to be held in October and November in Australia.  Currently this is not going to happen and no one wants to play in front of empty stadiums.   Legend Allan Border has said as much so he represents all Australia.  No one in Australia is going to disagree with the great AB.  The Tourism Minister in Australia has told Australians they won't be travelling before Christmas. The Cricket schedule is already full so re-scheduling the tournament at a later date may be tricky even next to impossible. Surely by September i