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The Prime Minister Needs To Front Up And Tell You That Your Are Dreaming

An Horizon survey of more than 1,000 New Zealanders has spat out the results of their travel plans in the six months after lockdown ends. Eight per cent of people polled said they plan to holiday internationally within half a year of lockdown ending if permitted, indicating 284,000 may do so .  Nineteen per cent said they would take a domestic flight if permitted, while nine per cent said they would board an international flight.     Hmm, so extrapolating that 8% would mean 284,000 New Zealanders think that they can travel overseas by (or from the survey is not that clear) October 2020 and presumably quarantine for 14 days when back? How about the small fact recreational inter-regional travel cannot actually take place til New Zealand drops down to level 1. Travel within a region, and even regional holidays, will be permitted under Alert Level 2, but Kiwis are urged to avoid non-essential inter-regional travel.  Recreational inter-regional travel won't be allowed u

Why America Doesn't Have To Worry About Trump's Plans

America has put out a three phase plan for getting back into living. All the sooky liberals want everyone else to stay inside their tiny homes, while they hide in their million dollar mansions in LA and the Hamptons afraid of death.  They have abused Trump for wanting to get back to a normal because they're a bit afraid because someone they know who knows someone famous, has died of old age, obesity, high living Covid-19 related illnesses. Naturally I care most about bars and restaurants, gyms and sports events.  So skip through to phase 3 with the lowest restrictions.  It is not until phase 3 that "vulnerable individuals" can even think of going out but they have to physically distance which of course is impossible in restaurants and especially bars where you have to stand up or be on a leaners. 36% of American adults are obese alone, add in others with underlying health conditions and you are probably looking at more than half the population unab