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Billionaire Bunkers And Boltholes - Is That All You Got?

I sure hope not. In a vacuum of news and challenged to put up some fresh ideas to get New Zealand moving, it appears the immediate starter for 10 has to be - guess what - wrap up old ideas with sprinkles and give it another whirl. First we had Troy Bowker rehashing the Investor Plus scheme that I wrote about last week.  It was essentially repackaged with a $50m price tag.  They couldn't sell it at $10m for various reasons I outlined, what is going to change now? Next we have Rod Drury talking up "boltholes" and billionaire bunkers to San Francisco style doomsday weirdos on Thursday at a Parliamentary Select Committee.   Drury says his ideas are for the second wave of recovery, following what has to be done immediately. One of them is loosening foreign investment rules to let billionaires purchase plots of land in key areas such as the Hawke's Bay, Queenstown and Northland, in order to stimulate the local economies.  Drury reckoned if 1,000

New Zealand Has Already Eliminated Covid-19 According to WHO Guidelines

Today Jacinda Ardern's PR people got very cute with semantics via her puppetmaster speechwriter and came up with this piece of prose: In short, the effort of our team of 5 million has broken the chain of transmission and taken a quantum leap forward in our goal to eliminate the virus. Elimination doesn't mean zero cases, it means zero tolerance for cases. It means when a case emerges, and it will, we test, we contact trace, we isolate, and we do that every single time with the ambition that when we see COVID-19, we eliminate it. That is how we will keep our transmission rate under 1, and it is how we will keep succeeding. Only it does not mean a vibe "zero tolerance" .  WHO has a definition best explained in their own e-learning material here New Zealand cannot eradicate Covid-19 because it does not control the world, smallpox is the only disease that has been successfully eradicated according to WHO.  New Zealand can by closing its borders and em