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NZ Hospitality Asking The Wrong Questions Of Jacinda Ardern

I have great sympathy for hospitality in this crazy time.  My AMEX bill has never in my life been smaller so part of me is at least relieved.  However until normal transmission can resume, The Coronavirus Coalition and Jacinda Ardern are ruining their lives and in a lot of cases, years of endeavour building their businesses.   Many will not survive and yes that is not fair considering right now as New Zealand has, as I have opined "eliminated" Covid-19 by a WHO definition already, shut its borders to dirty infected foreigners, and there is no valid reason whatsoever why they cannot continue as normal now.  Level 3 is a nonsense, in New Zealand you have next to no chance of catching Covid-19 right now.  Get on with it. Under the "Level 4 with KFC  3" next week, some restaurants will be re-opening for takeaways and delivery.  Many have already been quick to claim they are "innovating" and re-packaging their meat and vegetables from suppliers