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Paying For Covid-19 - A One-Off Covid Levy On The Rich

Right now the Labour Party will be sitting in dark rooms rubbing their sticky sanitised mitts over Zoom dreaming up stupid ways to make all of your lives hell with complex, lengthy and ultimately unnecessary taxes. I have a far superior idea.     A one-off Covid Levy on the mega rich. Considering my background in the area of asset protection and tax minimisation and legalised avoidance I immediately qualify above everyone without such a background in political policy as an "expert".  Definitely the hapless Deborah Russell.  I am also extremely right-wing and capitalist so as I am suggesting this it becomes doubly worthy. After all you have listened to anyone calling themselves a scientist, virologist, or Epidemiologist that suits "end of days" narratives and predictions of 80,000 deaths.  Hell yes New Zealand is now so tolerant of "experts" you hang off the words of a political activist with pink hair. So humour me. It is brutal howeve

Ardern Admits You Have "Eliminated" Covid-19, So Why Level 3?

As I have been harping on now for several weeks, the Coronavirus Coalition are not even following their own materials with respect to the "fight" against Covid-19. Today the Prime Minister admitted you have eliminated Covid-19 "currently". Asked if Covid-19 had now been eliminated, Ardern said: "Currently." She added that the number of new cases may well reach zero but then be followed by a small number of cases popping up again. "That doesn't mean we have failed. It just means we're in a position ... to have very aggressive management of those cases and keep those numbers low and fading out again."  Well Prime Minister why the "for now" and why the hell is the country not ripping the chart up completely and carrying on with life? You cannot be pregnant "for now" and not have it mean you are pregnant. You either are or you are not and if you are then congratulations. Of course in nine months you will