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Social Distancing On Planes? Get Real

It is not happening. Everyone knows the risk now of flying in a plane, of catching Covid-19 and if you are old or obese, or both - dying. So if you are unhappy to risk this. Stay the f*** at home.  Or buy or hire your own private jet. What airlines now have to face up to is the silliness and expense of "social distancing". When on an air-conditioned aircraft there is no such thing.  Even in business class.  Especially if Covid-19 is as contagious as they wish us to believe. I flew a long-haul flight right in the thick of the border closures.  It was an hilarious experience as I have maintained the inner cynic throughout this whole pointless exercise.  Basically if anyone started sneezing I am sure they would have been lynched, people were as irritable and impatient as I a usually am with flying and waiting and all things airport. With a deep sense of irony everyone else's batshit paranoid behaviour has only made me calmer these last 6 weeks and more r