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The Coronavirus Coalition Has Reached Peak Mental

When: Jane Kelsey The woke Human Rights Commissioner Paul Hunt who David Parker Attorney General, gave 12 hours overnight to comment on this debacle, calls it a "great failure of democracy" And The National Party with ACT Agree that a centre-left coalition are breaching Human Rights and a law is a disgrace. Then it is. And the GREENS voted for it.  What may I ask is the point of them existing? It is time for the adults to step in.  We may "not be epidemiologists" with apparently no right to comment about the OTT health response, but there are a few of us who are lawyers, past and practising. The epidemiologists have done their job and can sit in the corner drinking their Jacinda Kool Aid after having D-list moments in the media spotlight. Chief Justice Winkelmann needs to now get off her throne and make some rather unhappy noises about the powers being handed to the Police.  Things like the Constitutional Separation

UPDATED - His Children At School With 100's But His Funeral With Only 10

This tragic story shows us absolutely everything that is wrong with the Cult of Jacinda Ardern and her definition of "kindness" that has been lauded worldwide. Roy Green owned the Mad Butcher Pukekohe with his wife.  They have two children.  He was by accounts a popular member of the local community.  His business ran into trouble pre-Covid, he had "personal issues" and he spoke as a poster boy in several branches of the media of what the lockdown meant for him. The shop was making more than $92,000 a week before level four lockdown, but sales dried up when his was forced to close his doors. 'The money I do have in the bank is all going for outgoings at the moment ... it's a tough struggle,' Green said. 'I spend nights awake in bed, some nights I've sat there crying, wondering what I'm gonna do next.'  The shop was turning over $92,000 a week. This would not have been his profit so the number is irrelevant.  His debts