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Border Opening Envy At The Wealthy And Privileged - What Happens Next?

I will tell you. All over the internet there will be media tempting you with clickbait about all the borders slowly opening and pitting those countries against ones that are not.  Summer will make this worse in the Northern Hemisphere as will winter in the South. Meanwhile New Zealand remains closed. Or does it? The travel ban put in place in February to stop the spread of Covid-19 has prevented more than 11,000 Chinese students who had been due back for their studies from travelling here. Hmm so 11,000 Chinese students are the next priority? Not only flying them back but whacking them in supervised quarantine or 2 weeks at once?  The logistics are well......mindblowing. Of course it is. Without these international students, universities stood to lose upwards of $170 million in fees. $170 million! Such a pittance now sounds like the beginning of a Dr Evil sequence from Austin Powers doesn't it?  Yes tomorrow Grant Robertson w