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Chinese Embassy Accuse Winston Peters Of Lying

As predicted yesterday, Winston Peters has started his own war with China for a reason so cunning I cannot work it out even in my most cynical of thought process. Today he got a bite from China. Winston Peters is on the record as saying the following: "They wanted a discussion as to why we were doing it because they thought it was an overreaction". The Embassy responded "China respects the lockdown decision made by New Zealand Government and has never dissuaded New Zealand from going into lockdown," the Chinese Embassy said. And just if there was any confusion. "We hope that Winston Peters certain people in New Zealand will stop lying spreading disinformation and creating trouble and bend over and take it up the rear work to enhance instead of undermining your largest export earners bilateral mutual trust and cooperation." They usually say "spirit of co-operation and friendship" (when they are about to bend you over a desk wit