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Maori Should Pay Everyone Else For Saving Them From Covid-19 Harm

Seriously this needs to stop.  Some idiot Maori Party candidate has accused New Zealand of "ethnic cleansing" in their response to Covid-19.   Well that is just clay target shooting sport for us at this blog isn't it? Donna Pokere-Phillips, who's standing in the Hauraki-Waikato electorate seat in the upcoming 2020 election, says New Zealand is witnessing "the greatest peacetime loss of civil liberties in our history at the exclusion of a Māori voice". Apparently Maori were 2.5 more likely to suffer from Covid-19 deaths than any other race.  It never happened.  It never was going to. But now they need the money anyway?  Seriously. The budget has allocated the same number as the raw total treaty settlements for Maori to be as useless under Covid-19 as us token whitey thought they would be.  It is unbelievable? Maori should be writing the rest of us a cheque if truly the result of Covid-19 spreading was going to be that bad.  Whitey and