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Action Station Activist Has Boulder On Her Shoulder - Simon Collins Adds To It

This “ South Auckland schoolgirl’s powerful cry for equity” according to the perennial pimper of poverty Simon Collins got thousands of shares on social media. Hands up who pimps the poor. Cool.  Simon Collins is well known for doing this in New Zealand media.  Now he is doing it to the kids of the parents generation he started with. Fortunately I listened to Aigagalefili Fepulea’i Tapua’i's comparatively eloquent linked “moving speech” before I read the “street heiress of the waves” Instagram postings that are in a derivation of I think the English language. From my rare white privileged roots as someone over 25 who can actually read Southside outta Samoa outta wannabe Compton text language, I gave it a good go as she is allergic to the white privilege clearly caused by the use of capital letters. Let us break down left wing climate change student Action Station activist   Aigagalefili Fepulea’i Tapua’i words with a dose of reality about Saint Jacinda’s over-re