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Winston Peters Now The International Student Industry's Greatest Advocate!

Well stone the Martin Crowe's, look over here. Mr Peters said many of these overseas students were "behind counters in supermarkets and working in service stations". "Kiwi workers now face more unfair competition for jobs, which are not in abundance. The official unemployment rate is 140,000 and about a quarter of young Maori and Pasifika do not have a job.   " Student visas should not be used to flood the job market, drive down wages and undermine conditions and increase the already record number of permanent immigrants." Winston Peters has come out today screaming for them to be let back in ahead of other people wanting to travel currently to New Zealand!  Is he that short on donors at election time again? So Winston, tens of thousands of international students can come back, how about all overseas tourists under the same conditions to support that far larger contributor to the NZ GDP? Winston Peters has started a rather ridiculous soc

Are We All Back In Business?

Hmmmm......a classic double double smear coming from Labour. Gerry Brownlee couldn't run a cake stall for heavens sake. And in any case Tova O'Brien wouldn't be knowing about the cake stall until years later and laws were broken to find Gerry had eaten all the cakes.

Just Open The Border Fools - Avatar Created Precedent

Finally the media and lobbying machine has cranked itself out from the ridiculous situation that a crap Hollywood movie can get its "essential workers" into New Zealand but other industries cannot. I discussed this here and here . Including the Americas Cup.  The Challengers are getting restless. By the looks of matters today the New Zealand media are finally catching up with the rest of the world and the National Party have been lobbied by organisers to get a bloody move along. Why the hell aren't Labour listening to the concerns of Team NZ the organisers?  I will tell you why - incompetence and the lust by Ashley Bloomfield to be some sort of superhero backed by a Prime Minister wanting to control you all until the election. Today though gives us a prime example of "Be Kind",  kinder if you are wealthier with cash to spend than others....... With three of the most incompetent Ministers in the Coronavirus Coalition in charge of allowing