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Black Lives Matter - What Are Ashley And Cindy Gonna Do?

Parris Goebel is organising a Black Lives Matter support protest tomorrow.  I hope tens of thousands of woke Aucklanders attend and support this cause and exercise their right to protest.   Actually I hope it is the largest political protest in New Zealand history and 300,000 people turn up to culturally appropriate another cause in a country miles away from New Zealand. I wish them well. She has not quite thought this through. The woke luvvies supporting Cindy and Ashley do not want New Zealanders to go beyond 100 people.  "Stay the course", "team of 5 million", "be kind". Even that slut Martyn Bradbury is promoting it! The last time I checked the US Embassy was in Wellington so this is one hell of a walk and google maps says 6 days! The Consulate is in Auckland, maybe she means that 1.1kms away downtown. And here they are organising and supporting a march down Queen Street encouraging a huge crowd and marching down to