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Are You All Now Punished By The PM For The Black Lives Matter Protest?

Jacinda Ardern was looking for an excuse to extend level 2.  Over the weekend with the Black Lives Matter Protests around the country she got it and your Police did nothing. Maori rangatahi show us how fearful they are of dying at a rate of the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic  Instead after day 11 of zero new cases and only one active case (that is questionable anyway), announcing that there would be a no restriction level 1, she has delayed the decision to next Monday's cabinet meeting which would then extend it another two days at the very least that level 1 can occur so June 10th. This of course gives 10 days for a case to show up from the cluster now that can be tagged the Black Lives Matter Cluster and extend level 2 longer. Matt King is the only National Party MP calling it hard like he sees it.   Bullshit.  Todd Muller may claim the rules are confusing, but so is his limp dick response.  David Seymour is the one Opposition leader actually providing s

Thousands Protest At Level 2

I will just leave that here.  Along with this from the pink-haired twit who actually advised people how to go to this march and breach level 2. Now she is writing them a sick note for the next 14 days from employment (if there are any left with jobs).