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Instantly We Have Found A Cure For Covid-19 - Black Lives Matter Protests!!

Oh look over here for a minute. Healthcare workers in New York City of all places did this today.  Right in the middle of Manhattan more to the point at  Union Square. A very moving moment. Healthcare workers, fresh from attempting to influence the world we are all selfish and horrible Granny-killers for making their job harder by wanting to go outside again.  We were all wanting to put their lives at risk. Now they are openly applauding and supporting hundreds of thousands if not millions of people breaching social distancing walking shoulder to shoulder, embracing, hugging, probably having post-protest high shagathons, all across America and the world. You know the country that is the world leader in Covid-19 deaths. New Zealand Police have done Princess Cindy's clean up and put out a statement they were not going to intervene as it would have caused more violence than they wanted.  True and not to mention we all know we should already be at level 1 so t