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Why Chinese Students May Not Be Allowed Back At All Pre-Election

After letting a bunch of rich Yankie movie-heads and the woke James Cameron back into the country to infest a hotel lobby at the same time as New Zealanders in attendance, you have to ask, why not now let in others?   Yachties here to beat Team NZ, high net worth Chinese and returning persons with a non-legal but legitimate link to New Zealand. The largest group lobbying for attention are New Zealand education providers begging and scraping to let their little dirty cash cow in third and fourth rate foreign students back into New Zealand to infest the Universities and other less than glorious training institutions. John Chisholm, a businessman in the educational book industry, has been in talks with Air New Zealand with charter flights booked to bring students back by July in time for the start of the second semester at universities. Richard Harman had a look at a document dump some  three weeks ago on his blog Politik.   He concluded that the New Zealand officials just ca