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Greg Foran Schools Cindy And Robbo - "We Just Can't Afford It"

5th June 2020 - make a note of that date. This is the date the Coronavirus Coalition bubble burst. Greg Foran, CEO of Air New Zealand today dished up the most brutal of news to New Zealanders who have made part-time occupations of whinging on social media about the airline and its refund policy.    He fronted on every major media channel and simply told it like it was.   New Zealanders have become world leaders in whinging online about airlines.  Ironically today Jetstar reverted to their normal type and ripped you all a new one yet again.  Stupid callers and hacks are saying Air New Zealand is doing "reputation damage" argh from what? Hello.....internationally they are still a fantastic and in these times ethical and woke airline. Let me show you the ways. Foran manned up today brutally: "We just can't afford it" he told Newstalk ZB "Not enough cash in the bank for refunds" he told Red Radio The Unions are all up in arms ab