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New Zealand's Covid-Free Status Is An Election Year Fraud

The events of the last 48 hours show that New Zealand is not testing at the border its incoming passengers. Sir David Skegg has dared to bring to the attention this probability: "There's clearly been less testing than we were promised." There was a big mis-match about what was happening and what the country had been told regarding those in quarantine being tested after day three and day 12. The run of more than 20 days without a Covid-19 case may be because testing of travellers was not being carried out. In Australia, positive tests of travellers were being detected almost every day. As I wrote last week, Chinese students will not be allowed back primarily because New Zealand does not a) want its Covid-free status interrupted and b) has a diplomatic nightmare in publicising that the situation in the Mainland is worse than they admit. But it seems New Zealand is also economical with the truth and is not playing on the same field as the rest of

Team of 5 Million Finally Breaks Its Own Bubble

The team of 5 million are starting to stand up and tell the Empress she is wearing no clothes. The older members of the New Zealand media are starting to break out of the bubble they have been in and finally are calling bullshit on the Cindy and Ash parade.   Sacking David Clark will not solve this.  It is clear he hasn't had anything to do with his portfolio for months!  David Farrar has come out of his bubble and listed helpfully just yesterday's debacles coming to light in the crowdfunding session from the team of 5 million, with media now looking for the best clickbait in town. I suspect it’s taken this long for people to speak out about their horror stories as they are afraid of looking ungrateful for being in New Zealand not to mention the very unhealthy pitchforks at dawn mentality operating in the country against anyone critical of what’s happening.  DPF has called it a Clayton's Quarantine System.  That is too hard on Clayton Cosgrove really, even he