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Hate Paying For NZers Managed Isolation But Happy To Pay Their Dole?

The political left never cease to amaze me. Confusion! Over the weekend we have seen steaming piles of vomit emerging  from the public and some politicians about paying for the forced confinement of returning New Zealanders placed in the new incubation centres for Covid-19.   Reports today from the PM match the anecdotal evidence I have been receiving from friends in unmanaged isolation now.   Returning New Zealanders from Australia are the majority of the clientele. Remember New Zealand demands this of people entering the country because it has a "Covid-elimination strategy".  Everyone is subject to this regardless of your opinion on how silly the overall strategy is and that New Zealand has backed itself into a ridiculous situation of sitting there waiting for a vaccine and to then wait again to all receive it.  This is NOT a one year or two year proposition folks.  It is quite probable that three years from now New Zealand will still be in this situation.  N