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Dirty Journalists - Protecting Your Sauces

Peeling back the ineptitude of the last week leaves me with one question: Who was the dirty journalist that ratted out Hamish Walker to the Labour Party? Because you never call an inquiry as a government without already knowing the answer to the question. Labour already knew Hamish Walker had distributed this information to media. So far we know the email attachment went to Boag and presumably others then from Boag's gmail to Walker who sent it to more than one media outlet. Here is Jo Muir, a Red Radio  journalist breathlessly bragging how it all came about. In an attempt to defend his comments, Walker told RNZ he would send information showing the country of origin of the Covid-19 cases. He said RNZ could put the information to the minister in charge of quarantine and isolation, Megan Woods, on the agreement he remained anonymous. The sanctimonious and utterly breathless part on accepting the information shopped - is this: RNZ did not anticipate being