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JuCo 2.0 Launches With A Political Megabomb

Yes well that was #quiteaweek. If you didn’t realise it now you will now. National 1 Labour 0. Cindy didn’t turn up the whole week.  Apparently we should all be in fear of Covid.  There is no election. A political leader hugged by a real bloke who prefers the Missus to fishing There is only one person in the country who could have predicted the outcome. Judith Collins. She wrote a book. Most of it was written off as boring, mocked in reviews by the woke, pinkos and meek.   Read it again in retrospect of this week. Not so boring now woke hipsters. Manhire, Braunias............ There’s plenty of material there. The problem with Crusher  Juco (Judith Collins) is of anyone dishing out her evil “double double” to, I would be that person. Hide. Under a desk. Anywhere. In the world. The world is not fucking large enough. Trust. Me. She might just have had a reversal of the past. Digest that. Read it again..... And