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Brenton Harrison Tarrant Now Getting A Better Deal Than New Zealand Returnees

JuCo brought this to a head today and Labour like sheep will follow. So are National and Labour now going to ask people guilty of actual crimes to prepay their room and board in jail? Because if they don’t they are discriminating against those returning to New Zealand. They are treating them worse than prisoners of the State. The vast majority of people returning to NZ don’t have Covid-19. They can provide a test on entry or even before entering New Zealand proving this. The validity of the test is irrelevant. Not your fault. It is up to the NZ authorities to prove the test is wrong. What they’re saying now is they are going to detain you for 14 days, at your own considerable cost, to prove you don’t have Covid-19? Meanwhile people guilty of actual crimes are detained, at the taxpayer's expense for years. Both Labour and National are now treating Brenton Harrison Tarrant, an Australian, better than returning New Zealand passport holders who have every rig