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Boris Leads The Way - Just Wrong Target

Boris Johnson finally is saying what needs to be said. Fatties need to go to the end of public health queues. What Covid-19 should have taught everyone in the world is that being obese and especially morbidly obese should stick you at the end of the queue for a ventilator  or even seeing a doctor in the public health system over those who respect their health. There is nothing wrong with being obese or morbidly obese of course.  Your choice. Just when we now hear cries the rest of us should sacrifice our freedoms to save the health of others I do have to ask?   And why should a public health system pay for it? You are not respecting your health, why the hell should everyone sacrifice their freedom and liberty to save and respect yours? Instead of the fat food tax he is proposing which is a nonsense as weight loss is a simple mathematical equation of calories in and out, what he should be saying is you will go to the back of the queue for public health