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The End Of Days Comes When The Germans Are Leading The Fight To Freedom

World leaders are proving incompetent for every reason imaginable.  All of them. Covid-19 is everywhere, it is a virus, yes some people will die and it is sad. But for the future of the human race we now have to give up fighting a nonsense battle and get on with our lives.  We cannot wait years for a vaccine.  This bullshit of locking everyone up has to end. NOW. If locking people down worked old people wouldn’t be dying in rest homes, governments would not want to be releasing prisoners! If you are a scared petal, stay at home.  Lockdowns are irreparably destroying lives, tormenting the elderly and children. I am in a country right now that has "zero" community transmission, it is "covid-free" and we do not have to mask up, we have all the freedoms.  And yet - no mates to play with as the borders are shut. People's partners cannot join them, tourists cannot come in, locals cannot be re-united with loved ones.  It is as miserable as one can imagin