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A Campaign So Good She Should Be On The National Party Committee

I have seen the events unfolding today with respect to the Auckland Central National Party prospective Candidate Nuwanthie Samarakone. Samarakone is currently running a selection campaign so superbly that she should be co-opted immediately into the strategy team.  Nothing I have seen from the National Party in years has been this brilliant.  With Hooton gone from the team, nothing he has done in the last two months has been as brilliant as this play. 1. Pique interest of veteran underemployed elderly white male Richard Harman through a "Party connection" who sends him your FB photo.  2. Harman runs a story publishing graceful shots of yourself in competitive poses when you were it a fitness competition. 3. Have twitterati all in a flutter slamming any white male such as Sean Plunket who even dares mention this. 4. Release the boldest statement to come from a National candidate in weeks. I have bolded the best hits because in each she is giving a middle finger