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UPDATED - Hooton Should Be Benched For The Rest Of The Campaign

The case of Matthew Hooton gets more curious by the minute. He is back as a columnist for NZ Herald now? Really.   Hooton is a premier columnist and is one of the very best political commentators in New Zealand.  Primarily the reason for this, is that apart from his ability to write like a filthy little bitch of an angel, he's on the payroll for all manner of political interests from unions, corporates and at some point if not paid for in dollars, in favours from mates, to plot coups.   Apparently according to the Herald, he was Todd Muller's speechwriter.  No one I know on the centre-right actually knew his role in Wellington.  If he wrote the speeches it means he had one good day at the office for Muller's excellent first speech followed by 52 very bad days of absolute calamity. For a metaphor for his time in Wellington we need not look past Beirut. Quite timely as it is only a matter of moments before his Move The Ports campaign, probably through the gol