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Your Business Can Go Under So Simon Wilson Can Get His Coffee

Simon Wilson bored the nation interminably through his ass cancer struggle. Like the cockroach he is, he managed to survive and not only that carry on at the NZ Herald through a round or two of redundancies. He then lapped at the shrine of Princess Cindy when she saved his life from the evils of the Covid, being very immune compromised. Today in what has to be the most audacious column I’ve ever read, he wants cafes open. CAFES. Well he can FRO. The whole REASON New Zealand chose to “stay home save lives” was to help pricks like him have a few more miserable years on the planet spinning for Cindy. He now is pleading for his favourite bourgeoise cafe in Grey Lynn to be allowed to open so the precious fuck can be served his coffee and see at a safe social distance his mates. Seriously? People’s livelihoods are being ruined right now and this obnoxious pious twat wants a coffee. But he isn’t going to advocate for butchers, bakers and candlestick makers to escape the lockd