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"Staying The Course" Means No Level 2 For Auckland on Monday - UPDATE

New Zealand has 11 new community cases of Covid-19. It means there are now 133 cases linked to Auckland cluster and 18 to Mt Roskill "mini-cluster". New Zealand's previous biggest cluster, a Bluff wedding, stood at 98. The Mt Roskill cluster is from a church.  God's will and all. So will the so-called "experts" kick and scream publicly?  Or will they sycophantically now "change their course" to assist Jacinda Ardern and their preferred political leaning?  Aucklanders are over it, there comes fine weather and they're all out today doing what they want. All the spin. All the "communication" All the words telling people to comply. When New Zealand moved from level 3 to level 2 in May there were a string of low digit new cases, in the last outbreak it was 18th April since there were more cases than today. Hello, if consistent with 11 community cases today, there is no way level 2 should be in place on Mond