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Collins Passes Her MAGA Hat Moment With Flying Colours

Todd Muller snuffed out his chances leading the National Party when he started explaining and losing as to why he had a red hat in his office.  It was the first warning sign Todd was too woke to lead the National Party. Today JuCo had that moment.  And she shot it dead quickly. Lefties on the tweet machine, attempted to smear her and take her down that rabbit hole, using her husband's Facebook home page.   They chucked racist taunts at Wong-Tung.   The sort that if come from the right are deemed "dirty politics". Juco's response was superb.  She shot back with the bird, a mixture of humour and FU.  Or in New Zealand vernacular for this year we shall call it the "Nabi", after the deliverer of the best victim impact statement in New Zealand legal history. "We've been together for 41 years. I've never been able to get him to do anything I tell him to do so," Collins said. "I've just said to him, well it's not so