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He's Not A Bear, So Don't Call The Deputy PM Winnie

Politicians all have nicknames.  Some you hear publicly, others from supporters and opponents privately. So when Andrea Vance trots out a ridiculous column as she did today, focusing on things that do not matter, you have to wonder what Stuff is on about when they claim: In an age where rumours and speculation spread unchecked on social media, Stuff’s professional standards of accuracy, fairness and balance are more vital than ever. Snigger. Vance writes: No-one dared abbreviate Margaret Thatcher’s Christian name to her face.  The tabloid press adopted the condescending diminutive Maggie and it stuck until she died in 2013.  After a breathless piece of stupidity suggesting nicknames are sexist, you know when she's written article after article referring to Judith Collins as "Crusher": But don’t scold and derogate the prime minister like she’s a little girl. If you think she’s wrong, hold her failures to the same standards as men.  And her name is