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Maori Attempting A Hostile "Brown Lives Matter" Takeover Of Waikato University

Maori at Waikato University have been stirring the pot claiming "systemic racism" in the institution. The largest problem I have with this claim is that Waikato has always been sniggered at by anyone who thinks seriously in New Zealand, as the token default PC woke University for those unable to get into real academic institutions like Auckland, Victoria or Otago. Among their complaints: She said casual racism was occurring every day for Māori staff members. "For many Māori who work in the university, especially when they are on their own, casual racism can vary from comments made to people about 'you people' that might refer to something in the news, the mispronunciation of your name, all the way to examples of younger scholars having their work dismissed or being asked to contribute to the Māori part of a project but then the science that they have a PhD in is completely ignored," she said. Maori speak of themselves in a way that invite