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So When Will Zuru Announce They Are Headquartering Entire Operation In New Zealand?

Today Nick Mowbray made the fatal mistake many businesspeople do of wading into the political cesspool. He called out some large corporates in New Zealand for taking the wage subsidy when it was offered by government for forcing their businesses to close down or operate under the rules of Comrade Cindy's Kindy. In what world is it ethical for companies to take a government handout and then declare profits and pay dividends a few months later?  Most of his argument makes perfect sense.  However attacking corporates for taking a handout when they still can operate as a business in peace times is a hell of a lot of a difference to when they cannot in the panic driven fury that was Covid. Jacinda Ardern and Ashley Bloomfield did not "save" anyone from Covid.  Business owners saved them by surrendering their rights to operate to "save" people.  They are the true heroes of the Covid panic reaction. The wage subsidy and the massive distortion to economic statistics al