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New Zealand Meet Your Skilled Migrant Applicants

Covid-19 has set the cat among the pigeons when it comes to people living where they have downright lied about the "self-supporting" nature of their lives.  The tide has gone out and there are millions of people round the world standing completely naked. Ticking boxes where you can live self-supporting for the term of your visa should mean that. Student, working or not.  No job from Covid means you should be able to see things through.  Run out of cash? Then go home to mumsy. End of. There have been many tales of woe, but most in New Zealand have been of people not of the white coloured skin so we cannot analyse how soft-touched and stupid New Zealanders must be to think they are "skilled" and necessary to the New Zealand economy. However finally a good case to get our teeth into.  Tatooed German hipsters. When Imke Herzog​ and Gregor Paetz​ arrived in Golden Bay in 2016, they knew they’d found home. After six years of travelling, the German couple didn’t even waste