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Grant Dalton Already Wins Halberg 2020

There’s been limited onfield action this year thanks to the world cowering at home thanks to a bug that 99.99% of people in the world will survive.  Off the field there have been some super Halberg awardable moments. No more than this one.  Gruff Grump Grant Dalton surely wins the Internet for this email he sent when it was suggested he may, just may like to attend a Health and Safety briefing. It was the sort of answer anyone in business wishes to give but doesn’t communicate. It’s the sort of email you should be proud of a newspaper publishing in an attempt to land a hit job on you.  In April 2019, Symmans emailed Dalton about the possibility of attending a health and safety briefing run by a specialist consultancy at a meeting of the event steering group. "This [is] a workshop to identify ACEs risks," Symmans wrote, adding that Horton "will be attending. [You] are also invited to attend." Dalton replied minutes later, indicating he did not want to attend. "I