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Lord Stephen Tindall Needs To Pay Taxpayer Cash Back Now

Clinging to Patsy like a good wage subsidy I am in two minds about the wage subsidy.  On one hand Cindy and co closed down your businesses for their own political gain and told you that you could not run a business in order to "stay home save lives". In the process risk ruining decades of sweat and success in your own and the future of your family.  In this case everyone should have got in and claimed as much as they could as competitors will be, so you cannot put yourself at a disadvantage. As directors you also have a duty to your shareholders to maximise all available advantage.  On the other hand, there are the likes of sanctimonious opportunistic pious pisstakers like Stephen Tindall.  The business community since March that I speak with have been quietly collectively choking on their own backwash listening to him carry on.   Tindall sucked up to Labour at the commencement of Covid-19 lockdowns and promised to assist to bring PPE and masks through his contacts.  The Mowb

Convicted Maori Meth Dealer Claims Weed Laws Are "Racist"

Good grief, you would think the numpties running the stoners campaign at the election would get better spokespeople than this clown. Tricia Walsh would have us believe she was imprisoned for weed possession.   She has become the current darling of the liberal woke media who sell victimhood to Maori. Ergh no.   Like many Maori who scream and dance that the law is racist towards "our people" it is the primary usually very serious crime they are put in the slammer for!  A quick google by adoring stoner media should have got to the cause of Walsh's grievances. A rap sheet larger than an Eminem album. Whitey didn't cause her problems, her own whanau did.  Then she didn't take responsibility for her life, had 3 kids by 19 and chose to be a gangster. Just before Tricia turned 25 her partner and other mob members stole drugs from a chemist. That night her partner’s sister overdosed and died.  She did her best, there was food on the table and they were happy, but it was a