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Everything Wrong In New Zealand - Covid Era Emasculation Of The NZ Male

The Herald have invited a lawyer called Jeremy Sutton at Bastion Chambers to conduct some good clickbait over the weeks.  I assume this week's advice was actually a real letter as I don't think the poxy law society rules allow practising solicitors to publish fake letters to them and give advice on them, it would all be rather well "unlawyerly". This week saw the question raised Q: Following the announcement that Auckland will move to level 1, my ex-husband told me he has booked a trip for him and my oldest son to travel from Christchurch to attend the All Blacks test match in Auckland. He didn't consult me about this. They would be gone for two nights, returning on a very late flight on Sunday, despite having school the next morning. I am incredibly worried about my son catching Covid-19 while travelling or attending the game. My ex-husband refuses to wear a mask and I worry that this attitude will rub off on my son. I don't want my son to go with his fathe