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Election Night Wrap

So what now....... National need to have resignations. The caucus were appalling. The quitters who quit need to disappear. Don’t come Monday do not come at all. Seriously that was the worst campaign I’ve ever seen on the centre right. For those of us old enough to recall English 2002 was actually worse from a numbers perspective! I can’t see how!! The shame is large. Todd Muller wanted to be leader and ironically he is back in. He should not be. His weakness was a disgrace. Hide it as you would he was part of the problem for his weakness of quitting. To the other quitters. Own it. You were a total disgrace and should not show your faces publicly in a long time. I cannot get over how bad they were. On the plus however I never give respect unless it is earned and to people I know Megan Campbell, Janet Wilson and co who stayed knowing how shithouse this would be I cannot give them enough credit for bunking down on the virtual Titanic knowing the icebergs were fast approaching weeks ago. T