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NZ Media Risking Their Lives To Bring Coverage Of The US Elections

 Get used to these sorts of headlines for the next week. So after hooting and hollering about how safe New Zealand was and how great the team of 5 million are, these muppets are now off to the USA for one week to cover - the US elections! Unbelievable. You shouldn't be travelling to the USA, the New Zealand borders remain closed indefinitely but the media? Nah New Zealand’s taxpayer bailed out media will send our team off on junkets to cover an event that New Zealand has absolutely zero control over the outcome of and could be live streamed from other feeds. Covid-19 is either a) the most dangerous threat currently to human life and you are happy to be in New Zealand, or as I view it,  b) it is not and you are okay to travel and risk life and limb in other countries and should support New Zealand opening up to tourists, like, argh you are! You cannot have the argument both ways.  It is very much like the TJ Perenara and Beauden Barrett post of the other day.  TJ fronts a campaign s