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Far Left Green MP Calls ACT Far Right - A Nation Yawns

  Green MP Golriz Ghahraman fears ACT leader David Seymour's call to abolish the "hard-left" Human Rights Commission "shows how far" the party has "moved to the extreme right". I cannot even start how stupid this move is by Golriz, seen by even left wing supporters as Comrade position far left.  So I will not start other than pointing out her complete lack of self-awareness that to the average punter in New Zealand she scares not only the horses but the entire 10,000 ha farm full of carbon-polluting animals she is so far to the left. I will leave it to someone else who considers themselves to be so far left of centre that his entire dinner table would be full of forks. How many times did I blog that you morons were awaking a political vehicle for the right by trying to strangle off free speech? The LEFT should be the champions of free speech, not the fucking right and the Greens plus their woke clowns , handed him that fucking victory , and the second