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Cindy Cancels Christmas - But We Knew This Didn't We?

Oh shock horror, Labour have actually done what they said they would do and cancelled Christmas for many returning or intended to be returning New Zealanders. I spent hours writing about this for months, we knew it was coming right down to the voucher system.  The problem is and where Jacinda Ardern in one of her hundreds of media spots is to blame is that she REFUSED to front during the election campaign and tell the truth - quarantine spots were going to be limited and book early.  The campaign was relatively low key in telling us overseas about this however if you had even half your wits about you, then you would know to read the fine print in the Embassy emails and work it out yourself. It really is natural selection if you did not.  From November you would need a voucher.  This was not perhaps clear enough for people who booked their flights earlier and have assumed the system would synch with the airlines and have the pre-booked persons as first priority. The media between now a