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The New Zealand Wokeby Union Hits A New Low - Hairdryer To The Players

Alarm bells rang for me in the 57th minute.  A fluffy made-for-camera female sideline commentator possibly never to have kicked a rugby ball in anger*, informed us that a 120kg Polynesian prop has just returned from paternity leave.  She had glee in her voice.  Is this what male rugby has come to in New Zealand?  Seriously?  If it is not enough to have to listen to the grunting build up from oh too familiar mates requiring subtitles.   This is followed by pithy after-matc h fan girl interviews that do not get to the point as no one asks any hard questions.   I do not care how Sam Cane "feels".  I care that he cares that for the first time in history the All Blacks have lost to Argentina and the abject shame that should be attached to that.  I did not get that feeling at all.  WWRD - What Would Richie Do? He would not have been able to look at the camera. "They probably brought more intensity," said All Blacks captain Sam Cane. "Their defence was outstanding.  &