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"Bring Back Manly Men" - Candace Owens

Thank heavens there is someone out there willing to confront feminists who have floated the nonsense that is "toxic masculinity".  No such thing exists. There is nothing toxic about masculinity.  Unless the masculinity is one that abuses women emotionally or physically.  You could say the same about "toxic feminism".  Nothing wrong or unhealthy with feminism unless it emotionally or physically abuses men. Harry Styles is clearly bisexual so not the best example for her to use, however the point remains. The problem with the cucking of men that goes on these days by women, is that women are having to end up doing the job of men.  It is exhausting to do everything.  Let men do things that men are naturally better than women at.  Men are stronger than women physically thanks to testosterone. Let them use it.  Men are happier when they are achieving something. Let them do it, let them lift heavy stuff women cannot.  Men need a purpose far more than women do. Let them f