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Chris Luxon And Anne Salmond.....Can We Stop Here Nats!!!

I know it is National Party Conference weekend. It is an important weekend. We have all been told on thee centre right that "Chris Luxon" is our new white hope. I could buy this until today.  I was happy if he could lead the centre right to victory then let the boy roll Crusher. Words fail me "Chris". I can ignore the religious crappy trappy.  I do not care about fairies at the bottom of anyones garden. I can never forgive you not only being a "friend" but her being a "mentor" of yourself. I am astonished that anyone on the centre right would even cut paste ANNE SALMOND in a favourable light. Anne FUCKING Salmond. NOOOOOO. I would rather have Friday Happy Hours in a bar in Kingsland with Helen Fucking Clark. More to come but I know right now National party peeps are circulating with this guy at their conference. DO NOT. How embarrassing and weak is it to admit as an adult you even have a mentor let alone Anne Salmond. I am lost for words. Please

Mahuta V China

I have to say I am going to enjoy Nanaia Mahuta and her infamous word soup dealing it to the Chinese Mainland if this is the start of things to come. Bring the popcorn.   This could be a magnificent plot by Cindy to confuse the Chinese into submission. In response, a China foreign ministry spokesperson said "it doesn't matter whether they have five eyes or 10; if they dare to damage China's sovereignty, security and development, they should be careful or their eyes will be plucked out". Mahuta's response to ones ceremonial Maori head being cleaned out? Mahuta stressed that New Zealand has a respectful relationship with China that is "maturing".  "The mature relationship enables us to understand what we are very clear about in terms of values and principles - New Zealand's been very consistent on that front," Mahuta said. What The  Fuck? Perhaps she has taken this time she has refused all interviews with serious media, to read The Art of War