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The Case For User Pays Vaccines

I am not anti-vax.  But as someone from the "wrong" age bracket, who has paid a hell of a lot to have a healthy lifestyle and be that way.   I am now told I will be last in a queue for the bloody thing because I am not woke, hopeless, diabetic or sucking off the public health tit. Now airlines are saying no vaccine no travel. Cool.  They have got together as a cartel and decided this. The entire year of travel 2020 has been shagged to "save the world" and now Minister Hipkins is saying having a vaccine will not protect others so we still need to quarantine? The people MOST likely to need to travel for work are the last line in an egalitarian queue for the bloody thing.  You are going to vaccinate all the hapless fatties and idiots and pathetic hypochondriacs who spend nothing on overseas travel and tourism. Those types that channel their weaknesses and failures in life on their children who then cannot even decide on their gender. I have an insurance policy at massi

Circle Jerk Alert - Reserve Bank And Robbo In A&E With Sore Wrists

When did Robbo and Broken Orr come up with this charade?  Over what alcohol? How any business commentator can take this seriously is beyond me. Interest rates will remain low.... QE will continue... The only thing the RBNZ can do is put in place higher LTVs.   All to protect Labour from electoral ruin if house prices start tumbling....10...20.....30....40%.....50%..... But we have to be seen to be doing something.....don't we...... Love Adrian. 24 November 2020 Hon Grant Robertson Minister of Finance Parliament WELLINGTON Dear Minister Thank you for your letter received 24 November 2020 seeking our views on ways we can work together to address your concerns regarding rising house prices. We welcome the opportunity to contribute to your work programme aimed at improving housing affordability. As I’ve said publicly on many occasions, monetary and financial regulatory policy alone cannot address this challenge. There are many long-term, structural issues at play. I acknowledge that yo