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Woke Blacks Back The Wrong Horse

While watching the Woke Blacks fine win over the Argentina B- team this last weekend I had a brief moment of reflection as Sam Cane placed a Maradona 10 jersey over thick white lines on the field. Everyone with zero historical knowledge of football (soccer) and rugby jumped on social media to say how classy the gesture was. The rest of us with some institutional knowledge didn't need to even think whose dumb and dangerous idea this was.  Yes, TJ "pimp my brand" Perenara.  Of course it bloody was. All Blacks captain Sam Cane says the heartfelt gesture made to late football legend Diego Maradona and Argentina before his side's Test against the Pumas on Saturday came from halfback TJ Perenara. A jump in from the King of Idiot Gestures for his "brand" - SBW Maradona was a coke binging, womanising, racist self-confessed sporting cheat.   Nothing wrong with that from my perspective because he was a very good soccer player (not the best ever player as he is deifie